Waste Disposal

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Waste Disposal

With increasing levels of environmental legislation and taxation, it is now in everyone’s best interests to reduce the amount of waste produced. Harpers are experts in managing liquid wastes and sludge, and can reduce costs in all industry sectors.

We will always endeavour to employ the three Rs – REDUCE, RECYCLE or RE-USE your waste to bring down your costs.

Dewatering (Liquid Waste Volume Reduction)

We have developed a highly effective dewatering system, which typically reduces volumes by around 60-80%. A dewatering chemical is introduced to the sludge, which is fed into a rectangular channel and rotated between two parallel revolving screens (called flocculating). This process traps particles so efficiently, all that is left is water which can be recycled back to the plant. The particles are then compacted into dry ‘cakes’ for disposal. There are occasions when this waste is valuable as a raw material in other applications, bringing an additional stream of income.

This system of waste minimisation can be used in projects of all sizes, including large-scale lagoons, and is suitable for organic and inorganic sludges.

Dry Waste

Our dry waste solutions can be customised to suit a wide range of industrial and commercial customers. Depending on the type and volume of waste, we can provide containers with an appropriate capacity, either open or closed, and our specialised vehicles are available to collect waste 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Specialist chemical packing, transport and disposal

Harpers will provide you with a dedicated contact who understands your business and is on call for one-off collections, or for handling regular waste removal. We can supply UN-approved packaging for your waste streams and we can remove them to a licensed waste or recycling facility.