UHP Water Jetting

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UHP Water Jetting

We have a large fleet of modern pressure equipment at our disposal, with an operating pressure of more then 2,500 bar.  Our experience and expertise combined with the power of high-pressure water make many unique applications possible.

Our UHP Water Jetting Systems have been refined in design to provide dependability, versatility and easy conversion from one operating pressure level to another.

The system handles more Waterjet power than a man holding a lance.

It handles waterjet-assisted drill bits for more unplugging power than a flexible lance.

It is more consistent and more productive than any other UHP Water Jetting method.

The rigid UHP Water Jetting system allows the customers plant to be returned to operation in less time, making the contractors service more valuable.

It is safer, more powerful, thorough, reliable and more productive than any manual method.

Restores heat transfer to new condition.

Keeps the operator away from the hazards of high pressure water and debris splashback.

Returns the bundle to production quicker than any other method.

Consistent results because every tube is jetted at the same rate.

  • Single, Dual Rotary or 4 Lance Non-Rotary
  • Manua XY Positioner
  • 15, 20 or 40 Kpsi pressure rating
  • Up to 600mm/sec travel, 400 lb thrust
  • Up to 60ft stroke with Extension Kits
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant
  • Air powered
  • Easily converted to different pressures, lengths or lance configurations
  • Lightweight, strong tubular frame
  • Easy mounting of UHP water jetting machine both vertically or horizontally
  • Corrosion-resistant materials and coatings