Drain Cleaning/ Flood protection

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The Problem

The highway drains were overflowing during periods of significant rainfall, causing localised flooding and the public footpaths and verges that the highway drains ran underneath were due to be replaced.

The Solution

A length of 3000m of mainly 150mm/300mm diameter highway carrier drain and associated road gullies and lateral connections were cleaned and surveyed using a powerful cleaning recycler and CCTV Unit.

The CCTV surveys identified some lengths of the carrier drain as being in poor structural condition and some lengths having root ingress.

Root masses were cut and removed using a warthog and flail, followed by a complete clean of the system.

To prevent root regrowth and further deterioration in the condition of the pipe, defective sections were lined by a 3rd party using a pipe lining rig, with lateral connections reopened using remotely controlled robotic cutters.