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Harpers will work with its clients to offer innovative and creative world-class environmental services
while creating efficiencies and reducing client cost in a safe environment

Lancing Systems

We have a large fleet of modern pressure equipment at our disposal, with an operating pressure of more then 2,500 bar.  Our experience and expertise...

Bulk Tankering

We have made a considerable investment over the years and businesses are now benefiting from our state-of-the-art fleet which includes...

Waste Disposal

With increasing levels of environmental legislation and taxation, it is now in everyone’s best interests to reduce the amount of...

Welcome to Harpers Environmental Services Waste Management & Disposal

Leaders in waste management & waste disposal

Harpers was originally set up over 60 years ago as a waste removal company.
As the business of ‘waste removal’ became more an issue of ‘waste management’,
the company geared up to meet these new challenges.
We can provide waste management services to anyone in the UK at anytime.

Today Harpers Environmental are now regarded as a leader in Waste Management and have a reputation for high class service and solutions.

Some of the services we provide are :

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York: 01347 810677
Teesside: 01642 563129

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POSTED: 10th February, 2016

Harpers Environmental & Waste Management Services

Flood Relief Work for EA

Recent work in Ebsford near Guisborough involving complex culvert work was safely undertaken to the applause of the local residents concerned about the risk of flooding. Watched by the EA plus other environmental agencies as well as the local councillors ...